Student Athletes on the SPC Winter Tournament Cancellation

This year, aside from swimmers, winter sports athletes were not able to compete in a Southwest Preparatory Conference end-of-season tournament due to COVID-19 safety precautions.

This cancellation marks the second end- of-season championship tournament canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The swim team finished its season yesterday, with the both the girls and boys team finishing in second place. 

Winter sport teams still competed with other schools from their respective conferences. While there was no post-season tournament, conference standings were still maintained through the end of the Winter season. 

Junior soccer player Kellen Smaw was still motivated to compete despite the end of season tournament being canceled. 

“Although there was no trophy this year there will be a North Zone champion so that is the end goal of this season and what we will be competing for,” said Smaw.

The North Zone he refers to is the collection of SPC schools that are located in the north of Texas and one school in Oklahoma. There are currently eight members of SPC that are in the North Zone. 

The post season tournament often provides a time for teammates to bond and compete at a higher level than the regular season.

The tournament rotates every three years from being hosted in Dallas, Houston and Fort Worth. Teams often stay in hotels together even if the tournament is hosted in Dallas. 

Junior soccer player Claudia Hurst shared her favorite part of this end of season tournament.

“The biggest thing I will miss from the tournaments is the team bonding that occurs during SPC. Whether it is on the bus rides, in the hotel, or just spending more time playing on the field together, I think it is really important for the team to enjoy being around each other,” said Hurst. “Unfortunately it does not seem like we will have as many opportunities to do that in a safe way this season.”

Greenhill coaches have tried to keep teams motivated, despite the end of season tournament being canceled.

“This season [head boys varsity soccer] Coach Krauss  was extremely upset that SPC decided to cancel the end of the season tournament,” said Smaw. “However, he always reminds us to take the season one day at a time, because with the current situation of COVID-19, tomorrow isn’t promised and it can all be over before we know it.”

While there was no official post-season tournament SPC still crowned champions based on SPC head-to-head records. The boys basketball team finished in seventh place (1-7). The girls basketball team finished in first place (5-1). The boys soccer team finished in fourth place (2-1-2). The girls soccer team finished in third place (3-2).