Students Celebrate Halloween Parade

Seniors and Lower Schoolers March in Costume Across Campus


Seniors walk through in the Upper School in costume. Photo by Sonia Dhingra.

Greenhill held its annual Halloween Parade on Thursday, with Lower School students, Upper School seniors and the Upper School Band marching across campus in costume.

The parade route wound through the Lower and Upper School buildings and ended by the Middle School.

For Upper School seniors, this tradition has a special place in their Greenhill experience. It serves as a last callback to their years in the shoes of the Lower School students.

“I’ve just always had fun with Halloween,” said Senior Class president Jack McDonald. “Especially as a senior, having just finished early decision college applications. Just having a day to have fun.”

Greenhill is in a phase of change, however, and with it comes new policies. In a recent email to the Upper School, April Burns clarified the etiquette behind costumes during the parade. The email outlined rules on the display of toy weapons, gore, and offensive imagery.

These policies have been around for a while, but the current social climate has highlighted their relevance.

There was no evidence that the rules dampened the spirit of Thursday’s Halloween parade.

“I’ve never really seen [the costume policy] as a big deal,” McDonald said.