A Semester in the Big Apple


Photo from cityterm.org

Juniors Dulany Bloom and Melis Evlioglu are leaving the hill for the big apple.

Bloom and Evlioglu are spending the second semester of their junior year at City Term, a semester program at the Masters School in Dobbs Ferry, New York. However, they will spend every other day outside the classroom in New York City.

“I am really excited about meeting new people and having a change of environment,” said Bloom.

Students in the program all live together in dorms at the Master School. The program takes 30 students each semester from all over the country.

“I am so excited to meet people from all around the country and get to dorm with my classmates,” said Evlioglu. “I would also say that I am really nervous about living with my classmates; I have only ever lived with my parents and brother at home.”

Students will spend time in the city in a specialized class about the history, literature, environment and culture that surrounds New York. City Term has a specialized class called “The Urban Core”.

“‘The Urban Core’ class sounds super exciting because it is specific to the program and is not like any class here,” said Bloom.

In order to stay on track with Greenhill curriculum they will stay enrolled in a math and physics class.

“I am nervous but really excited, it is hard to imagine that when I come home I will be done with junior year and I will only come back to Greenhill as a Senior,” said Bloom.