Choir Performs at NorthPark Mall

Holiday decorations in NorthPark Mall. Photo from

This past Tuesday, choir traveled to NorthPark Mall to sing a selection of holiday songs.

In past years, choir would perform concerts solely on campus, but this year they have going off of campus to sing. This addition to choir’s curriculum allows the singers to be exposed to a real public audience and helps them gain confidence in their own singing abilities.

For their performance at NorthPark, the choir sang shorter, more traditional holiday songs such as “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer”, along with longer, untraditional holiday choir pieces.

“I really enjoyed performing off-campus, because we normally only have two to three concerts a year at school, and our audience usually consists of just our parents,” said Senior Kaiti Ness. “So going to NorthPark allowed us to sing in front of a few couples and kids that enjoyed listening to our music, which was really rewarding.”

This performance is just the beginning of shows, they also have a holiday show on campus Monday, Dec. 8.